Automatic dispensing systems


Automatic multi-scale powder weighing



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Food, Rubber / Plastic

  • Function:
    ● Powder dosing
Supersincro allows precise and safe automatic dosing operations of the products required for the preparation of rubber compounds in automatic thermoformed bags consisting of tubular films of EVA. The modular configuration is based on the number of products used, and the physical characteristics and the packaging used. At each cycle the package container is placed on a moving tray and transported on a U route placing the package under the different dosing units. When the container is in the correct position for the product, the scale lifts up the container and starts the dosing procedure. At the end of the loop the bags are closed and placed automatically in boxes or pallets.

/ high productivity ➔ 60 bags/h

/ full automation of powder weighing

/ elimination of weighing errors

/ repeatability of the recipes

/ traceability of the operations

/ fast and accurate weighing

/ elimination of contamination and pollution

/ safe and healthy working environment with no risk for the operators

/ clean working environment

/ possible integration with external software systems


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