Automatic dispensing systems


Automatic powder weighing



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Food, Rubber / Plastic, Paint

  • Function:
    ● Powder dosing

Unica Twin is a fully automatic weighing system for powder ingredients, granting constant quality and thorough control over plastic master batches and rubber compound preparations. The system consists of a number of independent storage silos in stainless steel, 100 L capacity each, to store different ingredients. One or two weighing trolleys slide automatically, positioning the buckets under the silos with the ingredients to be dosed. Each silo is equipped with dosing screw [Lawer Patented] which allows fast and accurate dosing. An efficient suction-filtering device guarantees maximum safety and a clean working area. The system is managed through a touch­screen computer on the main control panel.

/ high productivity with single or double scale technology

/ full automation of powder weighing

/ elimination of weighing errors

/ repeatability of the recipes

/ traceability of the operations

/ fast and accurate weighing

/ elimination of contamination and pollution

/ safe and healthy working environment with no risk for the operators

/ clean working environment

/ possible integration with external software systems


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