Automatic dispensing systems


Automatic powder ingredients weighing



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Food

  • Function:
    ● Powder dosing
Superunica is a fully automatic weighing system, allowing accurate safe and clean powder recipes preparation. The system consists of a number of independent storage silos, installed in line on a modular structure. A weighing trolley incorporating the electronic scale is automatically transported to the correct silo position. Each module can accommodate silos with different capacity (300, 150, 100 and 50 LI loaded by gravity or by means of a vacuum system. The bottom section of each silo is equipped with an efficient combined screw/vibration dispensing device (Lawer patented] which allows to dispense rapidly and accurately the powder. The bucket loading / unloading takes place automatically and every bucket is identified by the 10-TAG system. At the end of each weighing cycle the data of the recipe are printed in an identification la bel. The system is protected by a full enclosure box, designed to connect to an external conditioning system, which ensures complete isolation of the plant granting the ideal working conditions even in harsh environments (high humidity rate, abrupt thermal changes, air draughts, dusty ambienti. An efficient suction / filtering device guarantees the maximum safety of use and a clean working environment. The system operates by means of a dedicateci Lawer Software.

/ full automation of powder weighing

/ elimination of weighing errors

/ repeatability of the recipes

/ traceability of the operations

/ fast and accurate weighing

/ elimination of contaminations and pollution

/ safe and healthy working environment with no risk for the operators

/ clean working environment

/ possible integration with dissolving dispensing systems

/ possible integration with external software systems


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