Automatic dispensing systems


Automatic powder ingredients weighing



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Food

  • Function:
    ● Powder dosing
The different models of UNICA have been designed and patented to organize production in an innovative way by automatically weighing the powder ingredient components of recipes and batches in different processes of the food preparation industry. The ingredients are stored in stainless steel silos and the products are dosed using stainless steel screws. The ingredients are dosed into buckets, either manually or automatically placed on the weighing trolley which has an electronic scale. The weighing trolley automatically positions the bucket under the silo from which the ingredients are to be dosed, then moves it to the final position, where the operator can collect the weighed recipe and the identification label. The management software allows collects all information about the operation reports and statistics. The pc can be interfaced with external systems to export the data.

/ 100 L capa city silos

/ single or double scale

/ 12-24 or 36 silos configuration

/ scale 30 kg capacity, 0.1 gr resolution

/ independent and removable silos

/ removable top cover on each silo

/ loading operation by gravity from a rear platform

/ efficient suction and filtering systems

/ manual or automatic bucket loading/ unloading


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