Automatic dispensing systems


Rotary Store



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Food, Cosmetic, Rubber / Plastic, Textile, Paint

  • Function:
    ● Powder dosing
The Rotary Store has been designed to store drums and boxes of powder products in a small space ensuring the quick and easy withdrawal for the weighing operation. The rotary stores rotates to the designateci position using the most efficient direction, either forward or reverse. The working area is on a traversing trolley with dust extraction system which grants the perfect environmental and working area conditions.

/ configuration from 6 to 12 shelves

/ shelf selection touch screen

/ clockwise/anti-clockwise shelves rotation

/ weighing trolley with dust extraction system

/ three-sided protective screening with photocell barrier at working area

/ double chamber filter system

/ Auto-Search system for the automatic location of the powder [Optional)


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