Automatic dispensing systems


Automatic liquid dispensing



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Cosmetic, Textile, Paint

  • Function:
    ● Liquid dosing-dispensing
The system provides a fast, accurate and completely safe dispensing operation for liquid chemicals and auxiliary products. lt is equipped with a high-resolution magnetic inductive flow meter which ensures accurate dispensing. The liqu ids are metered and delivered di rectly to the dispensi ng points through a lobe pump and mono-pipe distribution line using three-way valves in stainless steel aisi 316 L (Lawer Technology).

/ fast and accurate liquid dispensing

/ elimination of contamination and pollution

/ respect of the various physical characteristics of the chemicals

/ traceability of the operations

/ safe working environment with no risk for the operators

/ reduction of waste water

/ a clean working environment

/ possible integration with external software systems

/ ACIMIT "Green Label" certification

/ manufactured using renewable sources