Automatic dispensing systems


La boratory dispenser



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Textile

  • Function:
    ● Laboratory dosing-dispensing
The system allows preparation, dispensing and distribution of dye solutions and chemicals used in laboratory and/or sample dyeing machines. The volumetrie measurement by means of a single-glass pipette ensures 0.01 gr accuracy. The high speed robotized arm manages the bottle handling and the pipette placement as well as the cap positioning and automatic pipette rinsing. The bottles and their caps are automatically rinsed and dried into a specific washing/drying device. The system can receive the powder dye for the solution preparation by the manual weighing position or by the automatic weighing/ dissolving system Lawer TO-MATIC. The dispensing by the pipette can be done into laboratory beakers or directly transferred into the sample/production dyeing machines by means of the automatic dispensing system mod. OS.

/ tube-free design

/ single glass pipette 55 ml

/ robotized multifunction arm with x-y-z axle translation

/ pipette rinsing device integrateci in the robotized arm

/ automatic bottle capping/uncapping

/ automatic bottle and cap rinsing/drying

/ completely isolateci working area by protection panels

/ perfect environmental and safety conditions


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