Automatic dispensing systems


Powder weighing and dissolving



  • Suitable for sectors
    • ● Cosmetic, Textile, Paint

  • Function:
    ● Laboratory dosing-dispensing
The automatic powder dyestuff weighing and dissolving system automatically weighs and dissolves small quantities of powder dyestuff, preparing liquid solutions to be dispensed into laboratory, sampling and production dyeing machines. The system can be connected to the laboratory machine mod. TD.LAB which automatically prepares standard solutions [gr/L ratios].

/ accurate powder dyes micro weighing

/ robotized beaker-silo handling

/ automatic recipe dissolving

/ standard laboratory solution preparation

/ automatic dispensing into laboratory, sampling or production dye machines

/ automatic dispensing to the laboratory system mod. TD.LAB

/ automatic beakers rinsing-drying

/ completely isolateci working area by protection panels in polycarbonate

/ perfect environmental and safety conditions


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