Dosing and dispensing systems

Assistance and Spare Parts

Flexibility, professionalism, capillarity of the international network with 50 highly qualified multifirmed Agents. Abitliy to analyze, identify, translate the Client's needs in a personalized project.

Service After-Sale Assistance

Short time in the projecting, manufacture and installation of the systems. A prompt after-sales service, able to respond to every request and solve problems with qualified technicians, 4 Service Centers, a Web on-line remote assistance. Support services program designed to optimize the interventions and reduce costs.

These are the elements that characterize the service and assistance of Lawer, which wants to place itself towards its Customers not as a simple supplier but as a reliable and proactive partner over time.

Quality and Excellence expressed since the preliminary analysis to the commissioning of the equipment, to ensure safe and automated systems operated by high-class software, able to adapt themselves to the changing needs of manufacturing companies.

The True AccuracyIt's in every small detail that is measured the great value of a Company. Lawer has made accuracy its hallmark. In research, in the production cycle, in the technical support, every minimum detail is evaluated by the strictest controls. Extreme care is given to staff training. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials used to manufacture the various components of the equipment. Only components of very high quality are selected for the installations, which are able to fully satisfy the requirements of current regulations.


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