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Lawer: Company and History

Lawer offers products, solutions and services of the highest level to meet customer needs and help them in production processes in a safe, effective and efficient way.

About Us

Lawer is a solid and very Italian Company. The concentration of the design department and production in the same plant provides control over the entire manufacturing chain. The company operates in Biella area, the largest district in the national production of high quality yarns and fabrics. The know-how gained in the textile sector since 1970 has provided the company with the right credentials to present itself also in other industrial fields.

Today Lawer is a landmark for advanced dispensing systems and flexible to adapt the same to the different needs of each customer;  The company holds a substantial number of international patents registered in many countries around the world.

Besides the Italian headquarters, where the company produces 100% of its systems, Lawer actually has 3 foreign commercial/assistance units: China (Lawer Shanghai Dispensing Systems), Turkey (Lawer Teknik Servis), USA (Lawer America Corp).



Lanaro Walter sets up Lawer sas Officina Meccanica for the production of Textile Machinery



Merger of the companies Lawer sas and Mectra sas of Ormezzano Federico and move to the new plant in Lessona - Biella


Presentation of the first automatic liquid dosing system mod. DOS-CHEM


ITMA 1987 Paris presentation of the first automatic powder weighing system mod. Rotocolor



ITMA 1995 Milan presentation of the first fully automatic system for weighing, dissolving and distributing dyes in powder form mod. Dyematic


The new partner De Bona Paolo and the second generation Lanaro Filippo join the Lawer management



New factory of 10.000 m2 modern and efficient in Cossato 


Presentation of the first pipetting laboratory system mod. TD-LAB


Diversification of the Lawer' systems application sectors, Cometics-Paint-Food


ITMA 2007 Munich presentation of the first system for weighing-dissolution and distribution of micro-quantities of powdered dyes mod. TD-MATIC


Establishment of Lawer Turkey Service Office in Istanbul

Establishment of Lawer China Service Office in Shanghai
New and efficient photovoltaic system installation
Introduction of synchronized weighing system mod. Supersincro for application in the RUBBER sector
Expansion of production departments of the Cossato plant
We are working to create our future

Technologies and applications

Quality and Excellence
Expressed from the preliminary analysis to the commissioning of the equipment, to ensure safe and automated systems, operated by high-class software, able to adapt themselves to the changing needs of our customers.

The True Accuracy
It’s in every small detail that is measured the great value of a company. Lawer has made accuracy its hallmark. In research, in the production cycle, in the technical support, every minimum detail is evaluated by the stricter controls. Extreme care is given to staff training. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials used to manufacture the various components of the equipment. Only components of very high quality are selected for the installations, which are able to fully satisfy the requirements of current regulations.
We strongly invest in developing leading technology and new products. To ensure that these investments fully support our Customers in optimizing the safety, reliability and efficiency of their processes, we encourage and facilitate a company culture of systematic and sustainable creativity and innovation.

Via our world-wide presence, we stand beside our Customers around the globe and through the whole life cycle of our products, from the assistance with selecting the right equipment for the process, design-in support, installation, commissioning and after-sale service.

Environmental Friendly

Lawer is one of the first companies in Italy to have joined “Sustainable Technologies”, a project promoted by ACIMIT (Association of Italian Machinery Manufacturers). The associated companies to ACIMIT have to supply equipments and technologies that target to the center of the manufacturer cycle the reduction of power, water and chemical materials for a more responsible production process and careful to consumption.
The energy/environmental performances are guaranteed by a ‘green plate’ fitted on the systems.

Lawer’s engagement throughout “Sustainable Technologies” do not stop here. The company is equipped with photovoltaic panels to self-produce and use renewable energy, and go on in the research of productive solutions addressed to environmental respect.

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