Dosing and dispensing systems

Invest today in an intelligent, innovative and sustainable industry

Today more than ever the manufacturing and production sectors have understood the importance of investing in advanced technologies.
It is time to capitalise in robotics and automation systems to increase productivity and to guarantee greater safety at work.
Lawer S.p.A. has specialized for over 50 years in automatic dosing systems for powders and liquids used in both industrial and laboratory applications. Our patented technology and flexible proprietary software are capable of adapting to the ever-changing production needs of modern companies.

Lawer S.p.A. supplies systems for various industrial sectors such as: textiles, cosmetics, paints, food, plastics and rubber.

We constantly invest in quality and excellence, service, technical support, after-sales assistance (both remotely and locally) and creativity, encouraging a corporate culture of constant improvement and sustainable innovation.

Our technology and automation guarantee:
know-how protection

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