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  • ● Powder dissolving-dispensing
The DYEMATIC modular system ensures a high level of automation, flexibility and maximum efficiency in the weighing, handling, dissolving and dispensing of powder dyes. Combined with powder dyestuff weighing systems the mod. Supercolor or mod. Dos-Control it allows the full automation of the process. The weighing and dissolving operations are completely independent, due to the modular buckets storage system mod. MGS where recipes are temporarily stored prior to dissolving and dispensing. This system ensures flexibility in the scheduling and can serves a large number of dyeing machines with maximum efficiency. The triple-axis robotic device mod. MSA ensures rapid buckets handling, managing priority and optimizing the system productivity. The DBS and DTS dissolving stations manage the dye dissolving procedure, according to quantity, liquor ratio, temperature and mixing time. The stainless steel distribution line MONOPIPE Lawer provides the dye dispensing to the dyeing machines. Total system reliability and elimination of pollution risks are achieved through the use of special valves and joints.

/ flexibility and efficiency on the scheduling

/ full automation of the process

/ accurate powder dye weighing

/ robotized buckets handling

/ automatic recipes dissolving

/ automatic dispensing into dyeing machines

/ automatic buckets rinsing and drying

/ completely isolated working area by polycarbonate protection panels

/ perfect environmental and safety conditions

/ centralized management and interface with external systems


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