Dosing and dispensing systems


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The System allows the storage and weighing of bulk powder chemicals and their dissolving in saturated or oversaturated solutions, with automatic dispensing into the dyeing machines without alteration of the correct liquor ratio. The system can be supplied with different size storage silos [from 0.2 to 32 m3] made in different materials, such as stainless steel, PE or PRFV, for indoor or outdoor installations. The silos can be refilled by bags, big-bags or directly by the truck, using mechanical or pneumatic loading devices. The solution is prepared strictly complying to pre-set parameters, such as time, temperature, product solubility and liquor ratio. The solution is then delivered directly to the dispensing points through a high pressure pump and mono-pipeline distribution line in stainless steel aisi 316 L (Lawer Technology).

/ elimination of heavy and dangerous handling operations

/ fast and accurate powder chemical dissolving

/ elimination of contamination and pollution

/ respect of the various product solubility parameters

/ traceability of the operations

/ fast and accurate dosages

/ safe and healthy working environment with no risk for the operators

/ reduction of waste water

/ a clean working environment

/ possible integration with external software systems


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