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LEIMS.i is a software package that manages a whole LAWER plant. This tool allows connecting management and program systems, in order to import production orders and assign them to the machines of the plant. Once it has received the order and assigned it to the various machinery of the plant, the LEIMS.i collects the dispensing information so that the status of the order can be returned to the management system. The LEIMS.i is able to pre-evaluate the most suitable dispensing / dissolving machinery for the required dosage, this is achieved by following criteria that can also be customized in collaboration with the customer. Adding or replacing a machine in the system can be managed by the LEIMS.i system, that will automatically adapt to the new machine configuration. The LEIMS.i software focuses on managing the LAWER plants in a single remote workstation, from which an operator can command the working executions and check their progress. At the maximum degree of automation, the LEIMS.i software does not require an operator intervention, and the workstation is only used for displaying the work in progress.

/ plan

/ configuring

/ monitoring

/ report

/ interfaces

The LEIMS.i system is predisposed to be interfaced with management and production control systems, by using various communication protocols. It is possible to customize communication for specific process needs. The plant status visualization or the plant control can also be performed through the LEIMS.i web portal, from any connected and authorized PC.

/ DDA (Dispensing Data Aggregation)

The system registers every operator intervention to the machines and interfaces to provide detailed web-accessible reporting. By using this tool, it is possible to check the plant’s production, consumption and configuration changes, then issue all the batches of production received from the interfacing.

/ virtualization

By using this tool, the entire system can run on a dedicated virtual network without the problem of corporate domains. The software does not reside on the machines in the department, which guarantees robustness and continuity even in case of physical failure. The whole system backup can be performed with just one-point tools without needing to do it for any physical machine. You can move, add, expand or rearrange the resources of each single machine without modification to the hardware.

/ remote assistance service

A highly qualified team provides globally the tele-assistance connection, to solve any kind of problem or for preventive maintenance and software upgrades. Quick response, technical solutions and excellent service are granted on annual or three-years subscription.


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